Researching Excellence in Cocreation
Activities of the Cocreation Foundation
Activities of the Cocreation Foundation

Activities of the Cocreation Foundation

Developing a landscape of change

In order to achieve its mission, the Cocreation Foundation will work towards a global ecology of change, building autonomous but connected structures to enable processes of cocreation.

For this end, the Cocreation Foundation will use the “pods & codes”organisational framework: a transparent, agile and collaborative approach for cocreative organisations. Activities of the Cocreation Foundation are dedicated to pods: that is, organisational sub-groups with a clearly defined intention and role:


There are pioneers of cocreation all over the world. We feel that it will be helpful to form an informal community of practice for everyone working on participatory, collaborative or cocreative projects in line with the foundation’s values and goals. The Co*Creators*Club is a membership club by invitation. It aims to form a protected and familiar atmosphere for cocreators from all fields of life to engage in the exchange of ideas, experience and projects as well as to immerge in shared processes, learning and understanding. The club will host self-organised events. Its overall aim is to support cocreators in their work and processes from local to global scale. The club is meant to function as an incubator for emerging constellations of participateurs, projects and processes.

Cocreation Research

Even though we have first hints of how cultural techniques of cocreation can be theorised and put into practice: when it comes to the enormous global challenges like climate change, plastics in the oceans or ecological practices of agriculture to feed 12 billion people, our knowledge is limited. We, therefore, have to start intense theoretical work as well as practical and action-oriented research on local to global cocreation practices. The Cocreation Foundation will help to lay out the foundations of a science of cocreation, understood as a diverse cultural technique and integral mindset rooted in participation, collaboration as well as collective intelligence, creativity and solution finding in complex constellations of participateurs.

Cocreation Publications

A community always becomes visible through their body of work. If we gather cocreators and start with the necessary research, it will be necessary to form a publishing body, where everyone can find the cutting edge theory, methodology, and practice examples by the most forward thinking and acting professionals in the field. Cocreation Publication will publish online and in print the canonical and deviant writings in the fields of democratic and political process, participatory procedural design, large group dynamics, design creativity, collective intelligence and action as well as patterns of solving problems in large groups.

Cocreation Projects

The Cocreation Foundation International will support, develop and conduct projects of distributed and synchronised cocreation in diverse fields such as democracy and governance, climate change, food production, migration and integration, world trade, ecological resilience, health and poverty. It will back these projects based on their innovative approach to exploring cocreation as new design-oriented forms of governance, participation and democratic political process from local to global levels.

Collaborative Online Plattform

Distributed collaborative processes need digital tools to support and enhance them. E.g. programs like participatory processes to design democratic innovation for the EU will need a strong digital tool to communicate and distribute information between all participants and venues. The goal is to develop a modular platform to support participatory, collaborative and cocreative processes which enable open and transparent communication and innovation in distributed and a-synchronical procedures.

Global Citizens Forum

We believe that future global governance needs a diverse global public realm of ideas and a procedural framework to scape these ideas within this sphere. People need to be able to connect to and identify with this global sphere, as they have previously done with their clans, villages, regions and nations. The global citizen’s forum is not meant to be a centralised world government or a formal world institution like the UN. It will instead enhance and accompany them. What we need today are open, fluid and diverse forms of governance to enable the exchange of ideas, values and attitudes, social and political innovations and the development of common solutions. We, therefore, think of the global citizen’s forum as of a dynamic process of a multitude of global dialogues and collaboration platforms in constant interchange with each other. It is meant to facilitate an ongoing, synchronised process of designing a common future by fully respecting the diversity of identities of cultures and people.

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